What is Precast Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel and/or other aggregates that is bound together by cement. Precast concrete is made by casting concrete in a reusable mould, then cured and transported to the required site and lifted or put into place.

There are many reasons for choosing precast concrete. The advantages include:

  • It’s safe because concrete does not burn. It’s also strong in resisting impacts, blasts and disasters like earthquakes and severe floods.
  • Its mouldability enables designers to copy details to suit customer needs
  • It does not need chemical treatments to protect it against rot and insect attacks
  • Advanced technologies used in precasting plants result in an improved quality product compared to cast-on-site concrete. In addition, this quality can be checked before a unit is inserted into the site work.
  • It’s ecological. Made from natural raw materials such as stones, sand and gravels which are available locally and in huge quantity, precast concrete minimises the whole life cycle impact on the environment.
  • It’s versatile because factory production allows a wide choice of surface finishing, colour range and special shapes
  • It’s fast. For example, onsite construction using precast concrete is both faster and safer as secure working platforms are quickly established.
  • It’s durable because concrete lasts for years. Precast manufacturers can offer guidance on designing for durability

The three main groups of precast concrete products are building products, civil engineering products (which are street products and infrastructure products like manholes) and products for specific applications.

Some precast concrete manufacturers do not just produce but are designers as well. They are well equipped to produce custom-made precast concrete products to meet the special requirements or application of customers.

For example, there are manufacturers, who are also designers, of precast concrete products that offer finished products with specific applications such as precast concrete manholes for electrical and telecommunication infrastructures.

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