Types of Precast Concrete Products

Precast concrete products are used everywhere around the world in infrastructure above and below ground.

Common precast concrete products include box and three-sided culverts, bridges, kerb inlets and catch basins, foundations, grease interceptors, highway barriers, lift stations (pump stations), manholes, onsite wastewater tanks, paving slabs, pipes, retaining walls, sound walls, stormwater management products, underground utility vaults, and wall panels and veneers.

Precast concrete products are manufactured in the controlled environment of a plant and products like manholes stand strong for decades. They are also easy to install. Precast concrete manholes include manholes for electrical and telecommunication infrastructure, and storm and sanitary sewer manholes.

The array of precast concrete products is nearly endless because in addition to the standard products, manufacturers of precast concrete products also make unique and one-off items according to customer needs. In fact, any custom products of any shape or way you want with concrete. Just tell your precaster.

There are also agricultural precast concrete products like agricultural fencing and livestock troughs as well as products for building and site amenities such as fencing, pavers, balustrades and railings, bollards, steps and stairs, light pole bases, countertops, window wells, basement entries, sills and lintels, and much more.
Others are marine precast concrete products along waterfronts such as floating decks, underwater infrastructure, decking, boat ramps, pilings, pontoons and seawalls.

There are railroad products like precast concrete railroad crossings and stadium products that include raker beams, columns, and structural and architectural wall panels. Precast concrete railroad crossings save time as they can be installed in mere days. The flexible stadium components provide nearly limitless options for architects and engineers.

To preserve remains, there are even cemetery products whether in underground vaults or above ground in mausoleums. These are quality, watertight structures that withstand the test of time and the forces of nature. Precast concrete provides the solution for a variety of cemetery applications including burial vaults, cemetery slabs, cremation products, mausoleums and various cemetery structures and site amenities.

Then there are precast concrete buildings for the communications and utilities industries. These include restrooms, concession stands, multiuse buildings, shelters, hazard shielding, or any other needs for a strong modular building that arrives on site ready to be put up. Precast buildings can be pre-plumbed and wired.

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