The precast concrete industry and its people

The precast concrete industry is dynamic with constant changes. There is always the emergence of new and advanced technologies, techniques and innovations in order to satisfy the ever growing needs of customers.

Those in the business say the precast concrete industry is only as strong as the employees who constitute its workforce. To stay ahead, precast concrete companies constantly invest in their assets, including the future of their employees through ongoing education so that the employees stay engaged and knowledgeable.

Safety, i.e. doing things safely, is a given in the precast concrete industry. Manufacturers of precast concrete products employ full-time, dedicated safety professionals who administer safety programmes for all aspects of the business.

People in this industry are highly experienced. They are experts at precast concrete manufacturing and production techniques.

They are knowledgeable and professionally experienced who understand product use and applicable specifications, codes and regulations. To expand their knowledge, they are active in trade organisations and continuing education programmes.

In terms of capability, people in the industry constantly invest in quality tools and forms to manufacture products of precise quality and to improve manufacturing efficiency. They also continuously upgrade and improve the production and manufacturing equipment in the plant for quality, efficiency, environmental, safety and capacity improvements.

The people also adhere to programmes to set the high standards for plant facilities, production operations and quality control procedures.

In developed countries, precast concrete plants must pass vigorous examination of their manufacturing process that ensures these plants are equipped to meet the exacting requirements of the construction industry.

In the area of engineering, designers and draftsmen have to be qualified and experienced in precast concrete. This engineering capability enables the precast concrete manufacturer to quickly provide the engineering solutions required by customers.

These engineers also help customers design and select the best precast concrete product for any application. They provide recommendations and guidance on a wide range of applications.

Successful people in the precast concrete business focus on prompt attention to customer inquiries and quotations. They know the precast concrete industry’s prospects are bright as the markets for precast concrete products are ever growing.

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