CMPC specialises in producing a wide range of top quality precast concrete products that support the electrical and telecommunication infrastructure in the country.

Among the precast concrete products that we are producing include:

  • Telecommunication manhole
  • Telephone pit
  • Electrical manhole
  • Street lighting footing
  • Cable junction box

We do not just produce. We are also a designer. We produce custom-made precast concrete products that cater to the special requirements of our customers. They are our source of inspiration to CMPC’s precast concrete business.

CMPC provides effective solutions to the customers and strives to fulfil their needs at all times. We love to take on challenges to design and manufacture any precast concrete products that might work as a great solution to your industrial and infrastructure businesses.

We encourage innovation and creativity to keep the industry alive.

Talk to us today and see what we can do for you and your business.